10 Healthy Thanksgiving Recipes That Your Family Will Love



healthy thanksgiving recipesOne of the hardest things about changing your eating habits to release the weight is family gatherings and holiday meals. This time of year, there are tons of temptations we have to face at office parties, grandma’s house and social events. It can all just make you want to yell, “Not today, Satan.”

There are many ways to fight temptation, including eating before you attend holiday parties and planning out your caloric indulgences in advance. For example: You know you’re going to want a slice of Aunt Joyce’s sweet potato pie. Plan it into your calorie goals and use portion control. (Here are some other tips.)

Two of the easiest ways to avoid overeating and high calories foods is by bringing a healthy dish to share or hosting a healthy holiday meal at your home. Here are 12 healthy and nutritious recipes that also taste great.

Paleo Scalloped Sweet Potatoes – This recipe is paleo, vegan friendly and dairy-free. That’s right, you don’t have to use butter to get delicious sweet potatoes. The secret is coconut milk.

Light Macaroni and Cheese – Check out this recipe makeover and shave about 500 calories off a normal serving of Mac and Cheese. Secret ingredient? Butternut Squash! – via Cooking Light.

Low Carb Peach Crisp – Only 11 carbs per serving. The crisp is made with almond flour and old fashioned oats.  – via Diabetic Connect

sweet potato pie

Diabetic Friendly Sweet Potato Pie – This dessert is perfect for anyone who wants to provide something sweet for relatives and friends who are concerned with their blood sugar. – via Diabetic Living Online

Paleo Gluten-Free Stuffing – Sage, rosemary and lots of veggies give this paleo stuffing lots of great flavor.

Sautéed Green Beans and Onions with Bacon – When you think of green veggies you may not realize how much fat and oil is used in making them taste so lip smacking good. This recipe gives you lots of great flavor at just 59 calories per serving. – via Cooking Light.

mashed cauliflower recipe

Creamy Garlic Mashed Cauliflower – Mashed potatoes are high in carbs. You can cut out a ton of carbs and still have lots of creamy, filling flavor by using cauliflower instead. – via. SkinnyMS

Roasted Root Vegetables – Roasted veggies are filling and delicious. They also don’t require a ton of butter or oil to taste good. They can also be paired with a ton of different main dishes. – via Gimme Some Oven

Vegetarian Southern Collard Greens – You won’t miss the meat. – via Divas Can Cook

Dirty-Rice Stuffing – This is a great recipes for those who want to use something other than bread to make their stuffing. It’s made with long grain rice. Full of flavor. – via Cooking Light

Low Calorie Thanksgiving Stuffing Recipe – Per serving, this stuffing is worth just Weight Watchers 2 points. The recipes makes 4 servings, so it’s great for small get-togethers. – via LaaLoosh

WaWa’s Low Carb Southern-Style Dressing – Only 10.8 grams of carbs per serving. Based on a family recipe, this tastes like the real thing. – via. Fluffy Chix Cook


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