17 Perfect Mother’s Day Brunch Recipes


It’s time to treat all the moms out there, so what better way than to celebrate motherhood with a gorgeous at-home brunch? Cook up something delicious for your mom with one of our scrumptious recipes. From eggs, hash, pancakes, and even some delightful baked goods, here are the Mother’s Day brunch recipes we’re so excited to make this year.

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Not only is this a recipe that’s easy to serve the whole family on Mother’s Day, but it’s got all kinds of great nutrients to start your morning. Packed with protein and fiber, this hash features sweet potato and green bell peppers, along with protein-boosting eggs and turkey sausage.

Get our recipe for Turkey-Sweet Potato Breakfast Hash. 

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Baking scones at home is much easier than you think! Don’t have dried cranberries and an orange? You can make all kinds of scone varieties using the same dough, like a lemon blueberry or a chocolate chunk scone. While it’s one of the easiest Mother’s Day brunch recipes to make, they’re also great for meal prep!

Get our recipe for Cranberry-Orange Scones. 

Slice of loaded hashbrown casserole copycat from Cracker Barrel
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Scramble up a huge skillet of eggs and serve it with this copycat Cracker Barrel loaded hashbrown casserole! The loaded hashbrown casserole is a slice of the hashbrown casserole finished off on the grill with a slice of Colby jack cheese and bacon.

Get our recipe for Loaded Hashbrown Casserole. 

red and green breakfast salad in bowls with eggs and oil
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Does mom love her salads and super greens? Serve her what she loves on her special day! With this red and green breakfast salad recipe, you can enjoy a crunchy bowl of veggies for Mother’s Day brunch.

Get our recipe for Red and Green Breakfast Salad. 

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eggs diablo with taco shells in pan
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Have a few cans of diced tomatoes you need to use up? This is one of those Mother’s Day brunch recipes that will help you use up those pantry staples! With crushed red pepper and fire-roasted tomatoes, along with green peppers and onions, this dish is bursting with flavor and nutrition.

Get our recipe for Eggs Diablo. 

Copycat cracker barrel pancake recipe for breakfast with butter and syrup
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You can’t go wrong with a stack of fluffy pancakes on Mother’s Day! This recipe makes classic buttermilk pancakes, and we also have a version of buttermilk flaxseed pancakes if mom would prefer those instead. Or any of these pancake recipes work well for your Mother’s Day brunch.

Get our recipe for Buttermilk Pancakes. 

breakfast sweet potato on blue plate with blueberries and yogurt
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Loaded sweet potatoes aren’t just for dinner, you know! Serve a unique Mother’s Day recipe with this plant-based breakfast loaded sweet potato, stuffed with yogurt, blueberries, and granola.

Get our recipe for Breakfast Loaded Sweet Potato. 

paleo plum muffins
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Does mom love her baked goods? Serve mom something she loves with these easy plum muffins. Plus, they’re paleo!

Get our recipe for Plum Muffins. 

breaking into a cooked omelet on a grey plate
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Treat mom to a whole cooking experience by making her a made-to-order omelet. Using our guide on how to make the best omelet, sprinkle in mom’s chosen fillings and serve her the omelet of her dreams this Mother’s Day.

Get our recipe for Made-To-Order Omelets. 

sprinkled donuts on a colorful plate
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No need to run out for donuts! If mom’s got a sweet tooth and wants a few delicious hot donuts with her morning coffee for Mother’s Day, treat her to some homemade donuts right at home! Serve with a vanilla glaze and her favorite toppings like sprinkles or chocolate chips!

Get our recipe for Donuts. 

breakfast tacos recipe on a plate
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For all those moms that love tacos, breakfast tacos are probably one of the easiest Mother’s Day brunch recipes you can make. This classic recipe is made with eggs, bacon, and cheese, but you could honestly fill it with whatever toppings Mom wants with those scrambled eggs.

Get our recipe for Egg and Bacon Breakfast Tacos. 

spring vegetable frittata in black cast iron skillet
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Frittata’s are pretty versatile, especially when it means using up any leftover vegetables you have in the fridge! Make a spring vegetable frittata for Mom this mother’s day to round out your brunch spread.

Get our recipe for a Spring Vegetable Frittata. 

cranberry orange granola bowls with bowl of berries and spoons
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Let mom build her own yogurt bowl with a special yogurt station! Bake some of this delicious cranberry-orange granola instead of buying an expensive bag of sugary granola at the store.

Get our recipe for Cranberry-Orange Granola. 

plate of italian hash with fried egg next to skillet and water glass
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You really can’t go wrong with a hearty egg and potato dish for your Mother’s Day brunch. This recipe includes chicken sausage and sliced kale for a truly filling brunch.

Get our recipe for Italian Hash with Eggs. 

acai bowl with blueberries and kiwi in white bowl with spoon
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If mom is a huge fan of smoothies and smoothie bowls, give her what she loves by making her own smoothie bowl at home. This acai bowl is perfect for Mother’s Day, packed with blueberries, bananas, kiwi, coconut, and almonds. Or let her choose her own toppings! It is her day after all.

Get our recipe for Acai Bowls. 

sunny side up egg pizza
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Pizza for brunch? Absolutely! Throw an egg on any dish that Mom loves—like pizza—and you basically have brunch. This recipe is made with sunny-side up eggs, leeks, garlic, prosciutto, and both Parmesan and mozzarella cheese.

Get our recipe for Sunny-Side Up Egg Pizza. 

Open face hot ham and cheese with chipotle mayo
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Make mom something a little fancier this Mother’s Day with this open-face hot ham and cheese sandwich! By simply taking off the top piece of bread, you can make a sandwich look especially fancy with all kinds of toppings. Just make sure to serve them with knives and forks—they are much easier to eat when you cut them up!

Get our recipe for Open-Face Hot Ham and Cheese with Chipotle Mayo. 

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