3 Tips to Stay on Track with Your Workouts This Month



3 Easy Tips to Stick with your Running Plan AND my favorite Instagram Reels right now!

The biggest challenge for many runners is staying motivated to run in the winter. This month is extra challenging because the weather is getting colder and the days are super short. PLUS the holidays add additional events, shopping and sometimes stress to our days.

But if you want to keep running this month – you have to be mindful of those hurdles and have a plan to get over them.

You are different from the next runner because your school, work, life, schedule, goals, etc… are unique to YOU. So these are ideas to help you, but the best way for you to succeed and become a better runner is to make the tools and tips work for your life.

No excuses. You got this.

  1. GOALS. Write down your Long Term Goal and your Goal for this Month. Put it somewhere you’ll see it everyday. This is your ‘Why’ – the reason you want to stay on track.
  2. Plan! At the beginning of each week plan schedule what day and time you’ll run. If you’re following a training plan write out exactly what run or workout you have on schedule.
  3. Accountability. Choose 1 way you’ll hold yourself accountable. Examples: Texting a friend after your workout, Running with a Club or Checking in on social media. Bonus: You can check in by commenting on @RunEatRepeat Instagram post or tag me when you post on your account so I can see your updates!

Running Tips Instagram Reels w/ @RunEatRepeat

I did a short video with these tips on Instagram Reels – follow @RunEatRepeat so you don’t miss those updates. And since it’s soooo quick I put a few of my recent Insta Reels together here:


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