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Hello! How’s it going? Today is National Dog Day and I’m celebrating Diego with an appreciation post. But first, the hot topic of the day is Running Undies.

I do a Q&A on Instagram Stories every week and one in particular is a frequently asked question that I couldn’t answer so I asked my followers on instagram for their suggestions. The big question is:

best underwear for running 2021

What underwear do you wear to run?

I’ve confessed this before on the blog, and it’s still true – I don’t wear underwear while running. So, I put a question box up on Instagram (follow me @RunEatRepeat) and here are the suggestions from other runners…

Runner Recommended Underwear:

New Balance Breath Mesh Hipster


Under Armour Pure Stretch Hipster


Sweat-Wicking Thongs by Maidenform

C9 Seamless Sport Brief Hipster

Running Underwear for Incontinence & Period Leaks

Knix Underwear – they have Leakproof Underwear in different styles. This is another question I’ve received in the past = How to deal with running incontinence. Well, this might be the best option as these are specifically designed to absorb several tsp of pee, blood or sweat depending on the design (up to 8 tsp for the ultra leakproof styles).

You can to shop the designs on their site here – 

running underwear

Got a Running or Eating Question?

If you have a question for me – ask! Put it in the question box in my Instagram Stories (@RunEatRepeat) posted each Monday and Wednesday morning. I answer them the next day.

Running questions and answers

I haven’t blogged about Diego in fur-ever! So, here’s an update on my massive golden retriever…

national dog day

Diego Update:

  • He weighs about 100 pounds. We don’t overfeed him. He walks everyday. He’s just a big guy and I LOVE that.
  • He’s such a good sport and lets me bug him and hug him whenever I need to. He really is like a therapy dog in that way.
  • He loves the men in my life more than he loves me. I’m friends with a few guys I used to date and they love Diego too.
  • In addition to loving my exes he loves all people. (Come the think of it… he’s just ‘meh’ about me.) When we’re out on a walk and he spots someone who needs to pet a dog his lil tail wags and he tries to pull me towards them.
  • As I was writing this post I heard something in the kitchen – at lunch I’d opened a package of turkey meat and put it in another container. Well, Diego grabbed it out of the trash and was licking it! BUSTED!! He’s usually so good. I think he knows it’s National Dog Day and he can be Bad Boys for Life today.


That’s all for today! I have a Disney World Marathon Training Update coming up next – stay tuned.


Keep Going…

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