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This week on Instagram, Bethenny Frankel announced that she was “back at it—growing the Skinnygirl brand.” With that, she launched a yummy-sounding new beverage that’s designed to support metabolism, deliver antioxidants, and more. We’ve got the scoop on Bethenny’s new Skinnygirl launch, and have also rounded up some of the recent suggestions she’s made for us all to incorporate healthy slimdown strategies into our daily lives (including the delish recipe for her go-to salad).

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In May, Frankel celebrated National Wine Day with a big ol’ bottle of rosé, hinting that she had some big news coming. Then in early June, she asked, “Can lighting in a bottle strike twice?” This was how she unveiled Forever Young wine. “I’m 50,” Frankel captioned. “I feel great and I, like you, want to be and feel FOREVER YOUNG. Forever Young wine is absolutely superb. It is next level. Every note is delicious. It is balanced. It is elevated. It is legit. With every sip, you will understand why I entered back into this space.” Forever Young wine is in addition to Skinnygirl brand syrups for cocktails and coffee and her recent endorsement of Q Mixers, which she says “are made with all natural, non-GMO ingredients and have less sugar.”

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Supplements have truly never had a bigger moment than the one they’re having now. Frankel saw the craze coming and in January announced the launch of Skinnygirl supplements. She’s said, “Our bodies demand more nutrients, so why don’t we give it to them?” Frankel’s stated that Skinnygirl Supplements are available at Walgreens, and were “made for every woman to help address common health challenges. Check out my Hair, Skin & Nails, Collagen Enhancer, Relaxation & Sleep Support, and Sensuality supplements.”

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