Bravo Star Reza Farahan Reveals Exactly How He Lost 60 Pounds



Shahs of Sunset star Reza Farahan has undergone a major weight loss transformation in recent years, shedding a staggering 60 pounds since starting his weight loss journey. However, Farahan says that the changes that got him to this point weren’t as drastic as you might imagine. Read on to discover exactly how Farahan shed the weight. And for more celebrity transformations, Raven-Symon√© Reveals How She Lost 28 Pounds In New Video.

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In a June 1 interview with HollywoodLife, Farahan revealed that the first step he took to kick off his weight loss journey was following a nutritionist’s advice to write down everything he ate.

“Don’t change your eating habits. Write every single thing that goes into your mouth in a journal. I told [the nutritionist] my goals and she told me do this and you’ll get to your goals,” Farahan said.

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When Farahan started adhering strictly to his nutritionist’s recommendations, he began giving himself a daily break from food by way of a fast.

“I started intermittent fasting,” he said, noting that it wasn’t always an easy thing to do. “I was very angry in the beginning. A little testy. I’m not going to lie,” Farahan explained.

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On his Instagram account, Farahan has been sharing his workouts with trainers Mary Mirolla and Ryan Gentry, including weight-based workouts and high-intensity interval training.

“Work hard. Push yourself. Stay consistent. Be patient. Never give up,” he captioned a recent workout video.

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While Farahan may exude confidence, he admitted to HollywoodLife that he’d only recently become truly comfortable in his body.

“I’m not embarrassed to take my shirt off. There’s no tire,” he explained.

“Honestly, I just do whatever I want now,” he added.

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