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I hurt my foot!! And when I asked Dr. Googs what my symptoms might be it provided a list of potential diagnosis that didn’t apply to my symptoms or health history. It did scare me with a few potential causes of the pain that are serious medical conditions. (So in addition to foot pain I had a mild panic attack, no big.) So I put together this list of resources for Top of Foot Injury from Running.

The reality is runners get little aches and pains and sometimes BIG ones or injuries. But your training situation and health are relevant to help figure out what’s going on with your body.


list of websites Runner Foot Pain tips

So while I was looking for information on my foot pain I bookmarked some websites to share.

And I posted some updates on @RunEatRepeat instagram and received some great thoughts and feedback from other runners who have experienced similar pain. Thanks!

Runner Foot Pain info and resources list

Tips and Resources for Runner Foot Pain

Search smarter to find the best information. 

When researching your symptoms – Include the activity that may have contributed to the pain. Even if the injury didn’t happen while running – it may be caused by running, your running gear OR show up while not running. Overuse injuries, pain or fatigue can pop up at any point during training.

Example: Don’t just search – – ‘Pain on top of foot ‘

Instead search = ‘ Pain on top of foot after running ‘  <- include running or the activity you were doing when the injury occurred in the search if applicable.

Talk to other runners.

Ask your runner friends (IRL or on social media) if they’re familiar with your particular injury or pain. If so, how did they deal with it? Do they have any local doctors or resources to suggest??

I don’t have a friend that’s had this exact foot pain, but one friend has had a stress fracture and said it started similar to my current pain… it was just a little achy and then went to too painful to walk during a run.

Check your Running Log / Journal & take it to any appointments.

Ideally you use a Running Log and have been noting any challenges, fatigue or messages your body is sending. See if you can identify some helpful information:

How/When did it start?

Has it gotten worse? How so?

Have you changed your training?

Have you changed your gear?

Are you running on different terrain? 

And any other info that can be helpful to diagnosis the issue. 

Don’t Run on an Injury. 

Don’t do it. Running on an injury will not fix it and probably make it worse.

top of foot pain for runners

The pain in my foot was on the top of my foot near the base of my toes. It hurts when I step and try to push off the ground.

It seems like the more common foot injuries are achilles tendonitis and plantar fasciitis. So when I was searching for information on what my foot pain might be and how to help it – I kept getting search results that weren’t applicable. So I bookmarked some of the best websites with information on the two most likely injuries I have – extensor tendonitis OR a stress fracture.

It’s hard to diagnose a stress fracture in the front area of your foot and often it won’t show up in an x-ray (or may show up in a few weeks once it starts to heal). The symptoms are similar…

Pain in the foot, Swelling, Pain with activity – lessens when rested, Tender to the touch…

Best sites with info on Pain on the top / front of foot:

Foot Pain Explored : Top of Foot Pain List of Possible Causes & Symptoms – List of all the common top of foot pain issues with links to more info. Covers bone, soft tissue, athletic causes, health, etc.

Sports Injury Clinic – Extensor Tendonitis : Symptoms, Causes, Treatment, Exercises

Sports Injury Clinic – Metatarsal Stress Fracture : Symptoms, Causes, Treatment, Exercises

Very Well Fit : How Runners Can Prevent Top of Foot Pain

Health Line : Everything You Need to Know About Extensor Tendonitis 

Foot Pain Explored : Stress Fracture causes, symptoms, treatment 

Doc on the Run: How to Tell If You Have a Stress Fracture 

Runner’s World: Stress Fracture Symptoms and Treatment (foot) 

*Also this @RunEatRepeat Instagram Post has several comments from runners who’ve experienced foot pain with their thoughts and experience.

Check out the 2 previous posts on my foot pain here:

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Question: Have you had foot pain or a similar issue?

How did you help heal it? 


Note: Information on Run Eat Repeat & it’s related social media accounts are not intended to serve as medical or health advice. Please see your physician for all your health, fitness and injury questions and concerns. Always consult your doctor before starting any diet or exercise plan. 

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