Heather Graham Celebrates Her Bikini Body In New Video



Actor Heather Graham has been a fixture on TV and in movies for over three decades, and she’s looking as confident and happy as ever these days. In a new video posted to Instagram, Graham proudly struts her stuff in a black bikini on a dock at the beach as her friends cheer her on.

“So grateful for my amazing ❤️ girlfriends for making me feel good about myself and special,” the actor captioned the video. Read on to see Graham’s runway-ready bikini poses and discover how she stays fit and healthy at 51. And for more fit over-50 celebrities, Jennifer Lopez Flaunts Bikini Body at Age 51.

heather graham in black bikini boardwalk

Graham isn’t one of those celebrities who claims to eat anything and everything and stay fit. In fact, in a 2013 interview with Refinery29, the star admitted that cutting down on sweets has been an important part of her healthy eating plan.

“I do eat sugar sometimes, but as a broad rule, I try to just eat no sugar basically, and I have to say I feel a lot better,” Graham explained.

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heather graham in white bikini and sun hat bending over toward camera

It’s not just sugar that Graham tries to steer clear of, however. “I will sometimes eat things with white flour, but I try to avoid white flour,” she explained.

So, what does the actor eat in a typical day? Graham revealed that her go-to dishes include beer can chicken, baked sweet potato wedges, and kale salads with chopped Brussels sprouts and toasted almonds. “Everyone’s into kale. It does make you feel healthy.”

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heather graham with her back to the camera doing yoga with a child

When it comes to working out, Graham prefers a calm exercise routine to the frenetic pace of some gyms. “I’m obsessed with yoga. For fun, I would go on a yoga retreat and do four hours of yoga a day,” she explained.

heather graham and a female friend meditating or doing yoga outdoors

Graham has also admitted that meditation has been an essential part of keeping herself healthy, both mentally and physically.

“I think meditation and yoga, they both do a similar thing…you find that place inside yourself where you feel really good and peaceful and you really feel good about yourself and you feel happy to be alive. It’s just trying to find that place more easily and often,” Graham explained in a 2016 interview. And for more on your favorite celebs’ exercise habits, check out Kristen Bell Does This Exact 30-Minute Workout Every Day.


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