How This Woman Used a Fitness Tracker to Catch Her Cheating Boyfriend



Let’s face it: Technology hasn’t exactly been great for those who like to cheat on their spouses or significant others and then get away with it. According to research, the two most common ways that people get busted for infidelity are via text messages first, and emails second. But according to the recent account of British reality TV personality Nadia Essex, your smartphone isn’t the only type of technology you carry around that doubles as a smoking gun for extramarital activity. You can also catch someone cheating using a fitness tracker.

“Oh honey, I’ve got a doozy,” begins Essex in a new TikTok video that has roughly a half-a-million views to date. Essex rose to fame in the UK as a matchmaker on a show called Celebs Go Dating, and she appears to be addressing a question about “the moment” when she knew that “a relationship was over.”

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She elaborates: “One night, when my ex-boyfriend came from a night out, I woke up in the morning and thought, ‘Let me make him some breakfast.’ Then I got a notification on my Fitbit—the Fitbit that we’d synced together—that between 2 o’clock and 3 o’clock in the morning he had burned more than 500 calories.”

Essex then pauses and smiles, letting it all sink in.

“I shoved that breakfast where the sun don’t shine, darling,” she concludes.

Now, it may be impossible to verify this entire account, but we can verify that it’s indeed possible to sync your Fitbit with your partner’s for the purposes of motivating one another. And this is apparently not the first time that a Fitbit has exposed a cheater. Last December, NFL reporter Jane Slater said she had busted her boyfriend in very much the same manner.

In any other scenario, we’d endorse the practice of syncing Fitbits for the sake of motivation. After all, countless studies have shown that working out with friends—and motivating each other—is actually the single most effective way to exercise, according to psychologists. But if you’re having an affair, you’d be wise to be just slightly more careful. And for other ways you can burn calories fast, check out The One Workout That Drives 29 Percent More Fat Loss, Says Science.


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