If JLo and Shakira Were Running Buddies…



Hello!! How’s it going? Did you watch the JLo & Shakira concert? Supposedly there was a big football game right after it!

I was so inspired by the half time show that I had to create a few lil memes to show some love (and make fun of myself). I don’t know if it’s because I’m latina or was always super self-concious of my body or what – but I think it’s AMAZING that both JLo and Shakira are EVERYTHING and remind everyone that you don’t need to be a certain age/weight/ethnicity/gender/*insert a trait that’s holding you back here* – to do what you love and have people love you for it!

If JLo & Shakira were Running Buddies…

Did you watch the big game? Did you eat a lot of chips & guac?

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Running Update:

I ran 10 miles this weekend. I’m slowly trying to build back up in distance and think I’m ready to start training for a full marathon.

I talked to a running coach this weekend and they think I should do a long training cycle to be fully prepared and ready for a strong marathon (as opposed to being able to finish it but not perform my best). So that’s the new plan!

Question: Did you watch the half time show?

Did you watch the ‘big game’? 

Did you get drunk for the 1st time at a SB party and then start crying for an unknown reason at your bf’s house? 

Oh, just me? Okay. NM.

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