Instagram Story Templates for Runners – Monthly Miles Total



Hello! How was your running in March? I hope you ran and ate to your lil heart’s content. And if you want to celebrate all those miles with a round up post on Instagram, Facebook or your own blog… here are some templates you can use.

They’re free and easy to use – just screenshot the image and add in your miles to post. Please just tag @RunEatRepeat on Instagram or link to for credit.

Instagram Templates for Runners – March Miles Total

Here are 2 miles total templates for your Instagram feed (sized to the square). The Insta Story templates are below.

Runner Instagram Template
Free Instagram Template for Runners
Total Miles Running Instagram Template

Here are the Instagram Story Templates. Directions for how to use them and post to your stories are below.

Insta Story Template Running Blog
Insta Story Template Running Blog free


Story Template Running Miles per month

There is a printable miles tracker you can use to help keep track of how many miles you’re running each month (linked below). But if you prefer to keep track on your phone – use this April Calendar with space to add in your miles each day, at the end of the week and then at the end of the month.

Story Template Running Miles Tracker

How to use the templates from this post:

  1. Screenshot the image and/or save it.
  2. Open your IG app & go to post a new story.
  3. Choose the template you screenshot.
  4. Click the ‘Aa’ at the top right to add text. Put in your miles.
  5. Share it to your social media and tag @RunEatRepeat 

I love sharing your wins with my followers so tagging helps to make sure I see it and can cheer you on too. Go get em!!


Printable Miles Tracker for Runners

And if you want the Free Printable Miles Tracker you can get it here – 2021 Monthly Miles Tracker 

2021 Running Miles Tracker free printable

Hope it’s helpful! Let me know if you have any questions below or on my latest Instagram post.

Follow @RunEatRepeat on Instagram for more… See ya there!


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