Kim Kardashian Just Revealed Her Go-To Gym Equipment That Keeps Her Toned



Kim Kardashian has been on a journey to get fitter and healthier over the past few years, inspiring countless fans along the way. Long known for her enviable figure, Kardashian has been documenting her workout plan on social media, revealing the tips and tricks she and her trainer, Melissa Alcantara, use to keep her in amazing shape. However, it’s not wildly expensive workout memberships or cost-prohibitive pieces of equipment that keep her fit. In fact, there are just two items—both under $150—that help keep Kardashian’s famous lower half so toned.

Read on to discover the two essential pieces of equipment Kardashian uses to keep her lower body fit. And if you want to get healthier in a hurry, check out these 15 Underrated Weight Loss Tips That Actually Work.

She wears weighted accessories.

kim kardashian in black workout vest

In a March 4 Instagram story, Kardashian revealed that Alcantara—AKA Fit Gurl Mel—has her wear a weighted vest to do squats, making it easier to build and tone her lower body muscles in no time.

“Weighted vest squats. She’s trying to kill me,” Kardashian joked in a photo showing off her workout accessory.

Alcantara’s pick for Kardashian’s workouts? A weighted vest from Adidas, like this one available on Amazon.

black and red weighted adidas vest

She uses fitness bands for resistance.

kim kardashian in black leggings standing on purple floor dots in green sneakers

To help further tone Kardashian’s lower half, Alcantara relies on weighted bands from her own Fit Gurl Mel line to add resistance to the body weight exercises the pair practice together. You can purchase this four-piece set, which comes with two ankle bands and two hip bands, for $45.

woman in black workout pants and white thigh band
Fit Gurl Mel

She takes plenty of rest days between workouts.

While lower body workouts may be essential to maintaining Kardashian’s shape, Alcantara says that, when it comes to working out your legs and butt, you can have too much of a good thing.

“When it comes to booty and legs, we usually work out for an hour and a half to an hour and 45 minutes,” Alcantara told Women’s Health. However, those lengthy lower body workouts only happen twice a week, as Alcantara says it’s essential to take multiple rest days to efficiently build muscle.

“You don’t want to go too hard or overwork that muscle, otherwise it doesn’t have time to recover and grow,” she says.

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