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What can you do if you can’t run? I’m sharing a list of ideas that will keep me busy while I’m injured (foot pain). All the show notes will be up on and make sure to follow @RunEatRepeat on Instagram for the latest updates. Thanks for following!

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Update on my foot injury…

The good news is it’s NOT a stress fracture!

The bad news is  it still hurts and I still haven’t been able to run.

I finally got into physical therapy and the PT said it wasn’t a stress fracture based on some poking around. Yayy!!

He started with heat on it and he had stretch my foot and do some exercises with a towel. Then, he did this ultrasound machine on it. And we ended with ice.

But – it didn’t fix it. I want it fixed.

See – this is my foot at physical therapy…

So I went to acupuncture last night. I went a few years ago when I stubbed my toe really bad and thought it might have been broken.

The doctor asked me a ton of questions, she was super thorough. It was funny when she asked me how much I run and I said about 40 to 50 miles a week… she said, “five – zero?!” Ha.

Yeah, no wonder you broke your foot dumb dumb.

She didn’t say that, but might have been thinking it.

Acupuncture… didn’t fix it. Again – I want it fixed. I’ve been doing everything I can to let it heal, encourage it to heal fast but don’t feel like it’s improving as much as it should be.

I can’t even do yoga right now because planks and downward dog hurt my foot!

I think I might need active release therapy or a cortisone shot because at this point it’s going on 3 weeks and the pain is a lot less but there is still a very angry spot in my foot. Thoughts??

What Should I Do Since I Can’t Run?

You Answered! And even though some of these ideas should be obvious – they weren’t. So I really appreciate it and wanted to share. These are the responses to my Instagram story question – ‘What should I do when I can’t run?’…

  • Yoga – @erobyn75
  • Can you swim? – mr_roonil_wazlib
  • If you’re moving soon, you could get the stuff you rarely use packed up? Try new recipes. @introverted_owl
  • Listen to ‘Jeff Lewis Live’ on Sirius XM’s Radio Andy @leftytiff
  • Watch Suggestions: Succession, 90 Day Fiance and Love After Lock Up
  • Read, paint/draw, roll around on knee scooter – @mar_val77
  • READ – a lot of people told me to read.
  • You can write me a running routine – @zonajoe76
  • Play with Diego (my dog) – @cindyco4
  • Grad School! – @emi.getsfit

List of Things I Can Do When I Can’t Run

  1. Clean
  2. Pray
  3. Practice Spanish
  4. Stretch
  5. Strength Training
  6. Create new strength routines
  7. Work on the half marathon training plan
  8. Zumba?
  9. Travel
  10. Get a boob job… or something else that requires time off running?? Make use of this time!!
  11. Figure out my life.
  12. Make a Buck List
  13. Cross items off Bucket List
  14. Date
  15. Update RER’s Race Recaps Page
  16. Visit my Nina and Nino
  17. Watch my nieces
  18. Go to the movies
  19. Get a massage
  20. Go to acupuncture
  21. Start a new podcast
  22. Make a financial plan
  23. Organize my mail / important papers
  24. Create a sheet with my family’s info for emergencies
  25. Pack my condo
  26. Plan my training and races out 6 weeks
  27. Cry
  28. Sell all the random stuff I don’t want to move
  30. Figure out my plan for housing long term
  31. Perfect my signature drink
  32. Take a class
  33. Take Diego to training
  34. Clean out all my email
  35. Catch up with friends
  36. Clean out my phone contacts
  37. Clean out my closet
  38. Take pics of Diego in costumes
  39. Mail all those cards!!
  40. Meditate
  41. Plan Holiday Gifts
  42. Update old RER posts & Run Eat Repeat Pinterest
  43. Hang out with you in the Run Eat Repeat Facebook Group
  44. Start the Daily Check in Back up on @RunEatRepeat Instagram
  45. Volunteer

If you have any thoughts or advice on what I should be doing with my time or how to fix my foot – please send them over!!


  • Store bought iced coffee.
  • Bear Naked Granola. Amazing.
  • All injured runners just trying to stay positive and rehab their bodies back to 100%

And it’s on my heart to mention the Crisis Text Line today. If you need help, a friend or are thinking about self harm please text the Crisis Text Line.

If you have a running, nutrition or health question – please send it over.

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