Losing Weight Isn’t the Same for Everyone


At this point, most people realize the mechanics of weight loss—consume fewer calories than you burn. It’s a pretty simple formula, but it’s much more complicated than that for many people. Those of us who have struggled with losing and maintaining a lower weight will understand how difficult it can be when you truly feel like you are fighting against your biology.

I recently came across this article from the Washington Post where the author describes some of the biological barriers that make weight loss much harder from some people.

The author describes some reasons why the rate of long-term weight loss success is only around five or ten percent. He asserts that the biology of overweight and obese people is set up in a way that makes failure likely, and that surgery or medicines may be a good option to help people who haven’t been successful losing weight on their own.

I have seen people criticized or shamed for using surgery or medication to aid in weight loss. Some people seem to think it’s cheating or a short cut. But the reality is, it might be the only way for some people to reach a healthier weight. Obese folks have likely tried dozens of diets and when nothing has worked it might make sense to see a doctor who can help them evaluate their particular needs.

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