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Marathon Training Update – Day 6

Daily Marathon Training Video and Daily Check-in. Today there was a speed bump in my plans! I ended up cutting my run short and in the video I’m disappointed in myself about it. But after thinking about it for a bit I realize it was the right thing to do. So I’m sharing the video I took right after the run, but I also want to remind you to be safe and smart while running.


Day 6 – A few minutes into my run I’m about to make a left turn around the block when I see a man across the street. He sees me and starts to walk a little faster in my direction but I turn left and keep going. He yells something at me a few times to get my attention. I think he wants to talk to me?

I glance back and see he’s turned down the block I’m on and is walking briskly in the same direction I’m running. He’s not running towards me. It mostly seems like he wanted to get my attention and say hi or something.

But it was super early, I was running alone and there weren’t other people around so it was startling. I decided to change my route and run to a nearby park where I knew there’d be people walking the perimeter.

My heart was racing so I stopped to walk when I got to the park to calm down.

I don’t think I was in danger, but I was uncomfortable so I needed to change my plan. I ended up having to cut my run short because of this and was questioning myself after the run.

Did I really need to cut it? Should I have just ignored it and kept going the route I planned? Was I overreacting? 

Well, I don’t know. But I vote you err on the side of caution if you’re running or exercising and unsure of a situation. Safety first! (NOT “Safety 3rd!” like a friend used to say!)

It can be hard to decide if you’re being smart & safe or paranoid in different situations.

And it’s extra hard for me to decipher that lately because I feel more anxious than usual.

So something relatively small like someone yelling, unexpected fireworks mid-day (!?!!), sirens, etc… can be very startling and trigger a physical and/or emotional reaction. Someone yelling to get my attention while running was something I could usually ignore in the past. But today I felt my heart racing and had a fight or flight reaction.

It’s something I need to look into because it sucks to feel like that.

But it’s also okay and kinda normal because a lot of people are stressed and so many things are new and scary right now.

And the main reason I’m sharing this is to say… even though I realize I’m ‘jumpy’ right now it doesn’t mean I should ignore a red flag. I was alone and running early in the morning, some man was yelling to get my attention and I shouldn’t feel bad that I cut my run short because of it or question if I was just being overly cautious.

When in doubt, run it out (to somewhere you are safe and feel calm).

xoxo, Monica


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