Marine Corps Marathon 2020 – Virtual Race???



Marine Corps Marathon Medal Monday!🏅

Marine Corps Marathon 2020

I’ve been really struggling with marathon training the last few weeks. All the races I wanted to run this year are cancelled or virtual. I hesitated to sign up for virtual races because it’s not the same.

But you gotta work with what you got.

So I registered for the Marine Corps virtual marathon!

I’m excited to finally have a race on the calendar. I usually run A LOT of races and there’s been a lil hole in my heart without running events.

The MCM virtual race date is late October (there’s a window of time for runners to do it). So now my mission is to put the race date on my calendar & adjust my training schedule.

I’ll share more soon.

[I ran the race sponsored by my fave food = 🍉 ! That’s why I’m repping for watermelon on my tee 💕]

@runeatrepeat – update my training plan for MCM with race date & strength and conditioning.

What’s your goal this week??

Here are my Mini-Goals for this week…

You can screenshot this template and share your mini-goals for the week with your followers on Instagram. Tag @RunEatRepeat so I can see too!


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