Michael B. Jordan Reveals the Workout That Gave Him Superhero Abs



Michael B. Jordan went from a scrawny kid on The Wire to a buff supervillain in Black Panther—and the actor isn’t done transforming yet. In a new interview with Men’s Health, Jordan revealed the workout that got him in the best shape of his life. Read on to discover the exact workout Jordan does to get his enviable physique, and for more celebrity transformations, This Exact Eating Plan Helped Kate Hudson Lose Weight During Lockdown.

Swim goggles

To build muscle and tone up for his role as a Navy SEAL in the upcoming Jack Ryan spin-off Without Remorse, Jordan combined aquatic exercises and weight-bearing workouts.

The first thing Jordan does to get his blood pumping before hitting the weights? Before he so much as sits down to breakfast, the star swims.

“With all these injuries over the years, being in the water really just keeps my joints comfortable, it takes the pressure off some of my injuries using the water resistance,” he told Men’s Health.

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Set of dumbbells

After his swim, Jordan does a 10-round dumbbell circuit that includes curls, push presses, and bent-over rows. When he’s finished with his dumbbell exercises, Jordan moves on to three sets of ball slams, each consisting of 10 to 12 reps.

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battle ropes on gym floor

After his dumbbell circuit and ball slams, Jordan picks up a set of battle ropes to tone his upper body and core. However, he keeps the rope workout quick, doing just three sets of 30-second rope exercises.

three people in meditation class

To end the routine, Jordan meditates, a practice he’s praised in the past as a means of centering himself. In a 2019 interview with Oprah, the actor said that meditation has served as a way for him to recharge and find balance.

After Oprah asked him how he stays present amidst the constant demands of his career, Jordan replied, “It’s the meditation,” And for more celebrity workouts, Brie Larson Reveals How She Transformed Her Body to Get in Superhero Shape.



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