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The PILE on the Miles Running Challenge is DONE! Congratulations on all your hard work!! (insert victory dance here)

I’m so proud of you. I hope you’re proud of yourself too!

So before you move forward with new goals, training plans or challenges – stop. Take a few minutes to really think about the last 21 days.

Celebrate every tiny victory!

And ask yourself the following questions to help measure progress and areas with room for improvement.

Questions to Ask Yourself After A Fitness Challenge:

  1. What were my goal(s) for this challenge?
  2. Did I hit my mini-goal each week? Why/Why not?
  3. What helped me make progress?
  4. What got in my way?
  5. What can I learn from this challenge?

Write down your answers. Take the lesson, leave the judgement.

And moving forward you can create goals using the things you learned during this challenge.

Running Challenge Highlights video:

Check out some of the highlights from the Photo A Day Challenge here:

Thanksgiving This or That Story Template

And in non-Pile on the Miles news… because it’s Thanksgiving week I’m sharing this new holiday template.

Use this new Thanksgiving This or That for Instagram & Facebook Stories Template.

How To Use a Social Story Template:

  1. Take a screenshot of the template on your phone. (It should be a blank/not filled in version.)
  2. Fill in your answers with text, emojis, screenwriting, etc.
  3. Share it to your Instagram and/or Facebook story.
  4. Tag @RunEatRepeat or the creator of the template.

Get the template on the @RunEatRepeat Instagram Highlights under ‘Templates”. There are a lot of different social story templates to use and share!

Post-POTM To Do List:

  1. Celebrate every tiny victory you’ve had so far!
  2. Ask yourself the questions above.
  3. Start thinking about your next goals.

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