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What are your best Rest Day Brags? That’s the topic of today’s Pile on the Miles Photo Challenge! Share your favorite rest day to chime in!

Rest Day Brags

Definition of Rest Day Brags: Non-workout or rest days when an athlete enjoys extra rest, treats, relaxation and other ‘treats’ to celebrate and recharge.

‘Rest day’ is a part of the training plan for half marathon, marathon, ultra-marathon and triathlon training. Taking a day off from challenging workouts helps your body recover. It can be reinvigorating both physically and mentally – especially if you plan it right.

Rest Day Brags also known as #RestDayBrags on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook are a celebration of rest days among both casual and competitive runners on social media.

Today’s Pile on the Miles Photo A Day Challenge is #RestDayBrags !!

What is your favorite way to spend a rest day??

Remember to tag @RunEatRepeat and use #PileOnTheMiles with your updates!

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