Rita Ora Shares Her Exact Arms, Abs, and Butt Workout



Rita Ora is beloved around the world for her hit songs, like “Big” and “For You,” but the singer’s fit figure has also kept fans talking since she burst onto the scene in 2012. Now, Ora has revealed the exact workout she does with her trainer, Jono Castano, to keep her arms, butt, and abs toned.

In a series of videos posted to her Instagram account in May, Ora detailed the exercise routine Castano designed for her at his celeb-favorite Acero gym.

“1 minute/45/30/15 throw 7kg ball to the floor then wall (not sure why I can’t just slam it to the wall!) 1min/45/30/15 toss over shoulder 20kg ball thingy, 1min/45/30/15 pulling that hell of a thing literally like pulling a lorry, 1min/45/30/15 ball plank push out trying to not roll to my side,” she captioned the videos, in which she can be seen doing medicine ball tosses, squats, a series of squats in which she pulls a stack of weights as she moves backwards across a training studio, and elevated yoga ball planks.

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“Basically I just keep going even when I feel like I can’t,” says Ora. “And I get through it each time!”

It’s not just physical changes Ora’s enjoyed as a result of her dedication in the gym, however.

“Give your whole heart and believe and trust the universe. The feeling at the end is worth it,” says the singer.

Ora has been open in the past about how important staying consistent with her workouts has been to her over the course of the pandemic. In a May 2020 interview with Vogue, the singer credited her workouts with helping her stay on keel during an undeniably tough year.

“Keeping fit, both physically and mentally, is super important to me, and I actually love working out so I never find it too much of a chore. But as you know, it’s all about the discipline and keeping at it,” she revealed.

However, even ultra-fit celebs need some motivation beyond the results they see in the mirror to stick to their exercise routine. On Instagram, Ora admitted that while she’s getting through an intense workout, she’s “thinking about pizza.”

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