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Hello! Are you ready to run faster this month? Did you get this month’s calendar with 10 tips to run faster? If not – get it here:

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Running Tip 1: Write out your MAIN Goal for this month.

Yes, write it down. Grab that pen you took from a hotel room 2 years ago, a CVS receipt and write down your MAIN focus for this month.

Running Tip 2: Plan your workouts each week.

If you’re training for a race & following a set plan right now you can use the calendar to write in your workouts with pencil. (Pencils are like pens but instead of ink it has smashed up rock or dirt in the middle of a stick.)

Or set aside 10 minutes at the beginning of your week to plan out – workouts / runs and what day / time – you will do them.

If your schedule changes week to week, the weather impacts your running, you change your workouts according to your body’s signals… take all those into account and plan your workouts accordingly.

This way you can’t make excuses for not having time to workout or the weather preventing you from running (obviously unless a crazy weather situation slides in and it’s not safe or makes you want to quit running forever).

How to Plan Out Your Running Workouts for a Week:
  1. Ask yourself: What is your main goal for training?
  • Fitness
  • Weight loss
  • Get Faster
  • Run Longer Distance
  • Post impressive runs on IG
  • Just have fun & stay injury free

You have a specific goal that’s related to running a race –>

Find a real training plan that will help you be well prepared, stay healthy, gain confidence, etc. This is extra important for new or inexperienced runners or if your health is compromised in any way.

You are running for general fitness, health or weight loss (and don’t have a race goal) –> 

Balance your workouts with running, strength training, stretching and rest days. Use your past workouts to help guide how much you can do comfortably.

Running Week Plan (general example):

  • Sun: Rest Day
  • Mon: Run
  • Tue: Strength Training – upper body
  • Wed: Run
  • Thu: Strength Training – lower body
  • Fri: Run
  • Sat: Fun activity you can do with friends, family or your dog. – Workout class / Hike / Long walk / Bike ride

I’m going over all 10 tips to help you run faster this month. So be sure to follow @RunEatRepeat on Instagram and check back here for the next tip!

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