Sam’s Club to Sell This Peloton Home Bike Competitor for Half the Price



It’s safe to say that the home fitness brand Peloton has been on quite the ride of late. With luxury gymgoers forced indoors by a global pandemic, the pioneer maker of the ultra-pricey ($1,900 and up) home exercise bike with a virtual screen enjoyed a 232% year-over-year revenue increase from 2019—raking in nearly $760 million total. According to at least one report, the good times are still rolling: Peloton experienced an 130% increase in sales in just the last quarter alone, and new buyers have a six-to-ten-week waiting list.

If you’re hungry to get your hands on an exercise bike in less time—and you’re looking for something a little more affordable—simply head to your nearest Sam’s Club. Today, the big-box membership store announced that they’ll be selling a Peloton competitor to its members for nearly half the price.

The Sam’s Club bike is actually the Echelon Fitness Sport-s Connected Bike, and will sell for $799. “Interest in indoor cycling is reaching new heights, but for many people, the reality of owning one still feels financially out of reach,” Lou Lentine, chief executive of Echelon Fitness, explained in a statement.

The bike will come with a 10-inch HD screen, where exercisers can try 100 cycling classes of varying level of difficulty, all courtesy of the EchelonFit app.

It’s no surprise that many competitors racing in to join the home-fitness equipment game. Just last week, TechCrunch reported that the luxury home fitness trainer Tonal, which says its sales increased by 800% over the course of 2020, partnered with Nordstrom to triple the number of stores where people can buy the company’s $1,500 wall-mounted workout mirror.

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