Sandra Lee Just Shared Exactly How She Lost 17 Pounds in 2 Months



Celebrity chef Sandra Lee has been on a mission to get fitter and healthier in 2021, and her dedication has paid off. In a new Instagram post, the star revealed that she’s shed 17 pounds over just two months, and her tips for losing weight are surprisingly easy to follow.

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Looking fit in an all-black outfit, Lee opened up about how prioritizing daily exercise has made a major difference in terms of how she looks and feels.

In the caption to her progress photo, Lee revealed that she’s now taking between 10,000 and 20,000 steps daily to help keep the weight off. In terms of her diet, Lee hasn’t been adhering to any specific plan; instead, she attributes her progress to a combination of healthy eating and intermittent fasting.

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Lee hasn’t let inclement weather deter her on her quest for better health. In a photo posted to her Instagram in January, Lee said that there’s one trick that’s been getting her to stick to her step goal when she’s in the gym: watching episodes of Friends on the treadmill.

“I just got through 20 minutes on the treadmill keeping my heart rate at 170 and the time flew by thanks to Rachel Ross Phoebe Chandler Joey and Monica (Who by the way I am most like)!!! Thank god for Friends-they’ve got your back even when you’re breaking a sweat!”

To jumpstart her weight loss efforts following a 30-pound weight gain, Lee rebuilt her diet and exercise habits from the ground up.

Lee revealed that her plan, which she kicked off on Christmas day 2020, consisted of “very few carbs,” lots of vegetables, a few fruits (including berries, bananas, and watermelon), fermented foods, eggs, low-sodium broth, and plenty of coffee, tea, and “lots of water.”

Among the biggest changes to Lee’s way of eating was removing alcohol from her diet entirely. She kicked off her teetotaling as part of her Christmas day cleanse and was still going strong without alcohol nearly a month in.

“So far I haven’t had a cocktail in 25 days. Holy cow- dry January is a whole thing – especially for me!” she captioned a photo of herself in the gym with her nephew, admitting that despite her weight loss feeling “so, so slow,” she was eager to stick to her plan. “I will stay the course but Ugh!” she told her followers.

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