‘Shameless’ Star Cameron Monaghan Just Shared His Exact Move for Six-Pack Abs



Shameless star Cameron Monaghan is working hard in the gym to stay fit, and the results are seriously impressive.

The 27-year-old actor was recently filmed during his workout at Dogpound, a gym that’s a favorite among numerous celebrities, including models Chanel Iman, Kaia Gerber, Ashley Graham, and Karlie Kloss, and actors including Noah Centineo and Hugh Jackman.

In the clip, posted to Instagram by Dogpound trainer Ryan Rosenthal, Monaghan can be seen doing plank crunches. To tackle the ab workout, Monaghan props up his upper body on a set of floor-based supports, extending his legs behind him on a medicine ball. Once in a plank position, Monaghan does a push-up, then brings his knees into his chest to activate his core.

cameron monaghan working out at dogpound
© Ryan Rosenthal / Instagram

That’s not the only way Monaghan stays toned, however. In an interview with Hero magazine, Monaghan revealed that he’s a big fan of getting in a workout in the ring, as well.

“I used to do XMA, which is doing acrobatics, martial arts, learning about weapons, and all that fun stuff! But for the past couple of years I’ve just been boxing,” Monaghan explained.

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When it comes to his diet, Monaghan isn’t exactly Spartan, either, although he admits that balance is key.

Monaghan told Black Chalk magazine that he had no regrets about indulging his inner foodie during a trip to France.

When asked what he ate, the actor replied, “Foie Gras, caviar, pretty much all the cliche French foods. It was all delicious. I was eating too much baguette and cheese. So I have to get back into fitness mode now.” And by the looks of it, he’s definitely made good on that promise.

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