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Review of the Power Waist 10.5″ Shorts from Target. These running shorts are very affordable so I thought I’d take ’em for a ‘test run’ to share my thoughts. I’m just starting to train for my 31st marathon so I consider myself an expert in running gear. I’ll share some of my must haves below too!

My Review of the Target Running Shorts with thoughts on the – Fabric, Length, Style, Price and more!

Target Running Shorts Review

best running shorts

Tips to Find the Best Running Shorts for YOUR BODY. Use this list and your running goals, body size/shape and clothing preferences to help you find the best running gear for you.

Style/Cut – Every body is different. Make sure your running shorts fit YOUR body.

Things to consider – style, waist cut, length, how they fit YOU (if you’re not comfortable – you won’t be able to run your best) and any other factors that can help you feel comfortable and confident.

Example: If you have a short torso you may not want high waist running shorts that go all the way up to your sports bra.

Bonus Tip: Ask yourself – What am I wearing these shorts to do?

Example:  If you’re training for a half marathon and also wear a hydration belt – you may not need shorts with tons of pockets.

Fabric – this includes Material, Thickness and Color/Design

Choose running shorts made from sweat wicking fabric so it helps pull sweat away from your body. This helps keep you cool and also can help avoid chafing as the fabric dries quickly. I also appreciate when it’s spf 50 fabric too.

Bonus Tip: Choose colors and designs that will hide sweat or pee spots if that makes you self conscious. Although – I expect runners to be sweaty! So I don’t think this is a deal breaker for great gear.

Inseam Length – This is key to avoiding chafing.

If you struggle with your thighs rubbing together (aka chub rub) make sure they are long enough to cover your legs past any point where they may rub together. I aim for running shorts that are 7 to 9 inches long.

NEW Review of the Target Power Waist 10.5″ Shorts – a super affordable running gear option! Do these shorts help prevent chafing, ride up and are they flattering?? Thoughts on the fabric/material, length, price, what I look for in running shorts and more. Check out the List of my Favorite Running Shorts here: Follow RunEatRepeat on Instagram here:

Best Running Shorts Review

Athleta Ultimate Stash Pocket Shorts 7″ – Quality fabric, great length and reflective detail for safety. These aren’t as affordable as the Target shorts above but definitely worth the investment as they last a long time, don’t fade and are comfy.

Fabletics High Waisted Power Hold Shorts – These shorts aren’t noted as specific for running but are great run shorts. They’re on the longer side at 9 inches, which makes them great for avoiding a chub rub situation.

Women’s Contour Power Waist 11″ Shorts – These look similar to the ones I reviewed in the video, just a little longer.

Target Contour Power Shorts 7″ – a little shorter than the 10.5″ shorts I tried on & comes in a few cute colors

Old Navy Plus Size Pocket Bike Shorts – these are 8 inches long and come in cute colors & plus size & petite

Sweaty Betty High Waist Pocket Bike Shorts – these are $68 at Nordstrom, I have a pair of their leggings and they’re great quality


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