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Hello! How’s it going? I’m here to share my latest running and eating updates and check-ins!

First, I want to give a big shout out to Luna Bar and their efforts to pay women the same as men. They did something awesome in June and I just read about it on their wrapper the other day.

5 Awesome things:

1. Peppermint bark LUNA bars are available year round. 

2. LUNA bar is helping close the pay gap between men and women on the World Cup roster. They gave each woman on the 2019 World Cup team $31,250 bonuses to match the men’s. 

3. Diego.

4. You

5. Cheer on Netflix. Watch it!


My long run this weekend was 8 miles. I’ve been so antsy to get out and run a long run and get all the runners high vibes I’m missing. This was less than I’d like but I’m trying to be smart about building back up.

The Run Report is BACK!

Let’s go… What’s your workout today?

[ The Run Report is a daily post where you can chime in with your run / workout / rest day / update to help YOU stay accountable & connect with others.]

Holidays this week:

M: MLK Day
T: Granola bar day
W: Hot sauce day
Th: Pie day
F: Peanut butter day
S: Chinese new year

@RunEatRepeat – I ran 8 miles Saturday… trying to get my mileage back up after my broken foot situation.

Sunday was a rest day.

I spent most of Saturday at my parents’ house washing clothes and eating their food.

They had some leftover Pizzookie left and it was the highlight of my eats!!

The other weekend highlight was getting this earrings tray to organize my jewelry.

It can be used for rings or earrings but most of the time the only jewelry I wear are stud earrings.

I got it from Amazon, it’s low cost and holds a ton of earrings so I’m very happy with it!

You can check it out here: Ring Earrings Tray Jewelry Organizer 

Do you love granola bars? I do!

It’s national granola bar day… and I love granola & granola bars (and other kinds of bars 🍸🥂🍷🍻)!

Check out my fave granola / protein bar inspired posts:

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Check in with your run / rest day / workout / random thoughts on my latest instagram @RunEatRepeat post !

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