This Crazy-Popular Walking Workout Totally Works, Say Experts



Anyone who has spent any time at all on TikTok knows that fitness and wellness-related advice has exploded on the platform. So far, workout and gym-based videos and instructionals bearing the hashtag #FitTok have upwards of 680 million views—all of which is quickly making TikTok the social media platform of choice for many home-bound Millennials and Gen-Zers hunting for new workout inspiration. “I love ‘FitTok’,” Logan Brown, a law student, explained to InStyle. “Since gyms have been shut down in my area, I’m always looking for opportunities to supplement my routine.”

But while some personal trainers have advised you to be careful about what you try on TikTok—one UK-based trainer, for instance, did an analysis of TikTok workout videos and found that at least a quarter of them contain improper and misguided advice, especially regarding form. That said, experts have praised at least one new workout craze that has exploded on the platform, and it’s a workout so simple that most people with access to a treadmill can do it.

The viral craze, called the “12-3-30” workout, was first introduced to TikTok by the influencer Lauren Giraldo back in November. To do the workout, you need to set your treadmill to an incline of 12, set your speed to 3 mph, and you need to simply walk for 30 minutes. “Do it as many times a week,” Giraldo advises on the video. “I do it about 5 [times].”

So far, the video has 2.7 million likes, 12,400 comments, and has been shared 146,600 times. Here’s the video:

@laurengiraldoGame changer honestly♬ original sound – Lauren Giraldo

As we’ve explained many times at Eat This, Not That!, walking is an excellent way to keep fit and even lose weight. In fact, according to a study published in the Journal of Exercise Nutrition & Biochemistry, researchers found that walking regularly was especially effective at targeting and reducing belly fat in obese women while also helping improve the body’s insulin response. What’s more, according to the Mayo Clinic, walking can help “prevent or manage various conditions, including heart disease, high blood pressure, and type-2 diabetes.” One fascinating new study published in the journal Scientific Reports even found that major byproducts of walking more include enhanced creativity and overall happiness.

What makes the 12-3-30 routine so effective is the added element of incline. Though you’d be missing out on the added effects of getting outside for your workout (a study of 20,000 participants published in the journal Scientific Reports found that people were “significantly more likely to report good health and well-being when they spent 120 minutes or more in nature a week”), the 12-degree incline will ensure that you get your heart rate up and break more of a sweat.

In short, the workout is pretty intense.

“You have to be in pretty decent shape to go at that pace and that incline for 30 minutes,” DeAnne Davis Brooks, EdD, an exercise physiologist and associate professor at the University of North Carolina Greensboro, explained to Health.

If you follow Giraldo’s advice on frequency by performing this routine five times per week, you’ll reap the benefits. After all, according to the latest guidelines from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, the recommendations for any form of moderate exercise every week is 150 to 300 minutes. To meet those goals, you’d need to walk at least a half-hour, five days per week. So, consider giving this workout a go. And for more great workout advice, make sure you also try The Incredible Four-Second Workout That Actually Works, Says New Study.

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