‘Twilight’ Star Peter Facinelli Reveals the Exact Diet Plan That Helped Him Lose 30 Pounds



Twilight star Peter Facinelli has undergone a major transformation in recent months—and we’re not talking human to vampire. The actor has shed a staggering 30 pounds over the course of the pandemic, opening up about the changes he made to lose weight and get healthier in a new interview.

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peter facinelli in jeans and a blazer
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After gaining 30 pounds amid the pandemic, Facinelli retrained his food habits by practicing mindful eating.

“You have a subconscious pattern of just grabbing a snack, and you can be halfway through it before you even consciously realize that you are eating bad food. Being more mindful of this helps, so hypnotherapy techniques can make you more aware of what you are doing,” he told Muscle & Fitness.

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peter facinelli in blue suit
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To avoid reaching for junk food as a form of comfort during times of stress, Facinelli began practicing other stress-relieving techniques on a regular basis.

“You can calm your nervous system down very easily just by breathing in for five seconds, and breathing out for five,” Facinelli explained. “And then you get less anxious.”

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peter facinelli in black pea coat
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Rather than simply willing himself to eat a healthier diet, Facinelli made the conscious choice to replace his less than stellar eating habits with more health-conscious ones.

“You can be in the habit of being healthy, or you can be in the habit of being unhealthy,” he explained.

peter facinelli in black leather jacket on red carpet
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Facinelli told Muscle & Fitness that visualizing himself as a fitter, healthier person was a major component in actually transforming his body.

“If you dress for a certain job, the rest of the world will believe that you are that person,” he explained. “When I lost that weight, I had an image in my mind, I printed pictures of people with physiques that I admire, and I would look at those for inspiration.”

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