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I consider myself a lover of sweet potatoes. I’m a huge fan of getting the 7 largest ones I can find, and eating one a day – every day – with my favorite spices. There’s two ways to do ’em, though, and depending upon what you have available and how much time you may have, there’s a way to enjoy a nice soft sweet potato no matter how much time you may have!

My sweet potato loves me just as much as I love it!

To bake a sweet potato:

Pre-heat your oven to 400 degrees. Take one sweet potato, and poke several different sets of holes into it. Wrap it tightly in aluminum foil and place it in the oven, or (my personal favorite) lay it on a baking pan and slide it right inside. 45 minutes later, check your sweet potato out – if it’s not completely soft yet, give it up to 15 more minutes. That should do the trick!

Don’t have that much time? Try the quick microwave method!

Stab a few holes in it, place it in a microwave-safe container and drop about 3 tablespoons of water in the bottom of the container. Place it in the microwave for 13 minutes on high heat, making sure that you check on it every 3 minutes. Before you know it, you should have a nice and soft sweet potato!

How do I dress my sweet potato? Strangely enough, with paprika! That’s what you’ll see in the photo above. Just a light dusting, and it is beyond yummy! Give it a shot!


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