What Happens When You Start Off Running Too Fast



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The first marathon I finished feeling strong & fast happened because I saw a friend as I passed the start line.

He lives far away and we chatted for a bit. He was a marathon streaker and had to run slow to avoid injuries and be able to run A LOT of races.

He was really disciplined about his pace and I held back to chat.

After a few miles I said bye to run my own race. I picked up the pace and ended up feeling better than usual towards the end.

I was able to push myself in the last miles and hit negative splits (which rarely happened before)!

I knew you should never ‘bank time’ by going out fast but I couldn’t stop myself!

Pacing myself slower than I would’ve usually –> resulted in a FASTER race than my usual strategy.

If you’re new to running or racing- start slower than you think you should.


Tips for Pacing Yourself:

  • If you feel good at the halfway point –> Speed Up!
  • If you feel good in the last 3rd –> Speed Up more!
  • If you feel great with a couple miles to go –> GO FOR IT! See what you’re made of!! 

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Question: How are you at pacing yourself running?

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