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Hello! It’s the LAST week of PILE on the MILES!! Keep showing up. Stick with your plan and get it done.

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How can you know if you’re… getting faster, increasing speed intervals, able to run longer, making progress towards the things that are important to you  – if you don’t have specific ways to measure it?

What’s your dream half marathon or marathon race?

Today we’re talking about your dream race! What is it?

Is there a half marathon or marathon somewhere amazing that is on your list?

Do you have a hometown race that is perfect and your favorite?

If money was no object – what race would you love to do?

My dream race is:

Well, my dream race isn’t one race – I’d love to run the 6 Major Marathons aka Abbott World Marathon Majors. They are the 6 biggest and most popular marathons in the world. The races include:

I’ve already run NYC and Boston. My friend’s running group did the Berlin Marathon a while back and it sounds amazing – and it’s super flat. So that went on my list a few years ago.

I want to go to Japan and I love traveling for races so Tokyo has been on the list too!

London would be amazing! And obviously I’ve wanted to run Chicago since I visited there years ago and tried deep dish pizza for the first time. Oh, I’ve also heard it’s flat.

So my first dream race is the remaining 4 World Major Marathons – Tokyo, Berlin, Chicago, London.

#abbottwmm #marathontours

world marathon majors series

And if I could pick a second dream race (series) it would be The World Marathon Challenge.

Ever since I saw a documentary on the 7 Continents Marathon Challenge years ago – I wanted to run them all!

It seems sooooo hard and scary and expensive! But I want to.

You know how you can tell how much I love running? 

One of the races is the Antarctic Marathon. It’s actually painful for me to be cold – my body hurts, my neck gets really stiff. And I still want to do it.

The 7 Continents Challenge is: 7 Marathons on 7 Continents in 7 Days

The 7 continents challenge marathon races are in order:

  • Novo (Antarctica)
  • Cape Town (Africa)
  • Perth (Australia)
  • Dubai (Asia)
  • Madrid (Europe)
  • Santiago (South America)
  • Miami (North America)

The race has to start in Antarctica because that’s the one with the most sketchy weather. So the starting date might move a bit. Once it’s good to go… they run that first freezing race and that’s day 1!

7 Continents Marathon Challenge

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