Workout Calendar for Runners with Exercises and Tips – December 2019



Need a Running Calendar to stay on track and incorporate strength training into your workout plan?

Print out this FREE pdf Workout Calendar for Runners – December 2019.

Use this Running Workout Calendar with your current training plan to run stronger this month!

This calendar is for runners who are currently running 4 days a week. The run days are – Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.

There are 3 simple, body weight workouts you can add into your workout days before your run. Modify it as needed to work with your plan.

Strength Training Tips for the Workout Calendar:

  • Make time for strength training and stretching – it’s important for injury prevention and to improve.
  • Focus on form to get the most out of the moves.
  • Always warm up thoroughly before running and working out.
  • After your warm up transition to the body weight moves and then have a great run!

Runner’s Workout Calendar for December

Print out this calendar and follow along this month.

You can screenshot the one below or if you’re on your computer – click this link to automatically download the Runner’s Workout December Calendar to your computer. (It will open in a new screen – so it’s best to be on a computer, not your phone.)

Be sure to PLAN at the beginning of each week so you stay on track with your goals.

This calendar is intended to supplement your current training or running plan.

If you need a training plan check out the Training Plans page on or reach out to me if you need help.

** CLICK HERE FOR THE free PDF Printable version **

(Note: The calendar pdf will open in a new screen – It’s best to do this on a computer. Save or Pin for later if you’re on you’re phone right now.)

Reminders: If it hurts – STOP. Listen to your body. 

And always consult your doctor(s) before trying any diet or exercise plan. 


I’ll also post the calendar on the @RunEatRepeat Instagram feed for a square size version.

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